Return & Refund policy

1. Return Policy

In case you receive a food product that is damaged at the time of delivery, please contact our Customer Service department by calling 9496998650 or email us at Please DO NOT return any food product without contacting us first for specific information regarding the return process. Return requests should be made within 12 hours of receival of the product. Since it's the case of perishable vegetables, if the reason for return is genuine and the fault is from our side, Team Organic Bazaar will replace the item in the next delivery.

2. Refund Policy

Organic Bazaar is committed to 100% customer satisfaction and offers safe-to-eat fruits and vegetables and agricultural products to our consumers. We promise to do our very best by providing pesticide-free products directly sourced from farmers and in ensuring the amazing customer experience and rest assured, to make right any hiccups along the way. In the event that your customer is not completely satisfied with a purchase, we are here to help. Please review our refund policy below to determine whether it falls under the eligibility criteria.

Billed items were not delivered: We run multiple checks to ensure that all of the products you paid for; reach you on time. If in case any item is found missing from the package delivered, we will refund the charged amount for the same to the customer’s wallet.

Damaged Product/ Not up to the promised quality : If a quality issue is identified and the same falls under any of the below-mentioned criteria, a refund for the defective products shall be credited immediately to the customer’s wallet

Pictures of the defected item : Images will help us identify the root cause of the issue better and aid in scaling up our training process. Hence, we request you to share the images to make the process hassle-free.

Packaging Issue : If the defect pertains to packaging, we will initiate necessary actions and instant refund shall be credited to the customer’s wallet.

Perishability : Our pesticide-free fruits and vegetables are best consumed at the earliest, if the product is found to be defected owing to the delay in consumption, no refund shall be initiated.

Period beyond the delivery date : As mentioned above, if the defect is noticed after 48 hours after the delivery date, the refund shall not be initiated.

Size of the produce : Since farm-fresh vegetables and fruits are not machine processed the size of these may vary and the same does not indicate a quality issue. For the same, a refund will not be initiated.